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Blog Posts about ZAP and OAST

Name / Link Description
Levelling up ZAP with OAST Introductory post about OAST and ZAP.
ZAP OAST: Basic Design Decisions Design decisions taken at the time of development of the OAST add-on.
OAST with OWASP ZAP The OAST Add-on GUI and Scripting APIs.
Log4Shell Detection with ZAP Detecting Log4Shell Vulnerabilities with the OAST add-on.
ZAP SSRF Setup Configuring the Callback Service for SSRF Attacks.


ZAP OAST Add-on Desktop User Guide
Interactsh GitHub Repository
BOAST GitHub Repository

ZAP Scan Rules that use OAST

Log4Shell Scan Rule
XML External Entity Scan Rule
Out-of-band XSS Scan Rule

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