Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Akshath Kothari. I’m currently working on cool stuff at Levo.ai, and I’m also a core team member for the open-source ZAP project.

I use this blog to document any interesting ideas I encounter and to write technical posts related to programming, mathematics and engineering. The contents of this blog reflect my personal opinions.

My handle ricekot may be broken up into “rice” and “kot”. My first name, “Akshath” (अक्षत, /ʌkʃəθ/), means “rice” in Hindi. “kot” is nothing but the first three letters of my last name, “Kothari” (कोठारी, /kotʰari/).


Please visit my GitHub profile to view my open source contributions.


In my first two years at college, I had a lot of fun editing videos for cultural and technical festivals. You can view some of these on the art page.


Email: hello[at]ricekot[dot]com
IRC: ricekot on Libera.Chat