I will be posting stuff that I think is holding me back from moving forward in the course I’m currently following, under the title ‘Hold-ups’. This is so that I can revisit these posts later and study these topics in depth.

Some questions I solved

  1. Why does subtracting the value lr * ∇f from x bring us close to that value of x for which x is minimum? Basically, what is ∇f?
    • I got a satisfactory answer from the books Thomas’ Calculus and Ian Goodfellow’s Deep Learning. But these in turn led me to ask the following questions:
  2. How does minimising the directional derivative at a point help us realise the direction of steepest descent?
  3. Why does ∇f always point in the direction of steepest ascent?

Some questions I have

  1. What is Automatic Differentiation? How does it work?
  2. What is backpropagation?
  3. How is autograd implemented in PyTorch?
  4. What does it really mean when we write loss.backward() in the lesson2-sgd notebook?

Some more stuff to do

  1. Check out the site explained.ai and definitely read The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning [arXiv:1802.01528]

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